Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is also known as PEMF. PEMF functions at a cellular level enhancing the overall functioning of the body. PEMF involves sending energy waves towards the parts of the body that are painful. Pulse magnetic field therapy is effective because it supports our metabolism and increases the blood flow to the entire body.

The pulsed magnetic therapy mat is a non-invasive treatment wherein the patient lies in a dimly lit room on a memory-foam mat which contains magnets.

Pulsed magnetic therapy mat benefits

Daily use of this mat can help to keep the body healthy and balanced. There are five other benefits that you can get.

1. Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

PEMF therapy is safe and effective and it can be applied to all the injuries, chronic issues, and during surgical recovery. It also promotes overall wellness and quality of life. In some cases, even brief exposure of affected areas to this therapy resulted in a significant reduction of pain.

PEMF therapy can help to restore non-union fractures. Non-surgical intervention can be helped with the use of a therapy mat.

2. Increased circulation

PEMF therapy can improve localized blood circulation of the part of the body that it is applied on. This therapy can increase vasodilation in the area which results in the increased circulation. This means that patients can recover from injuries more easily.

3. Relieves arthritis and stiffness

Chronic inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can be very painful. PEMF therapy can help relieve these symptoms and this may just be the new treatment for RA!

4. Relieves a migraine and depression

There are some depressed patients who are resistant to antidepressant drugs. PEMF therapy might be a solution for them since there are no side effects to this therapy. PEMF therapy combined with antidepressants has shown to help treatment-resistant patients with very little to no side effects.

PEMF therapy can also help migraine sufferers. The mat can also help reduce splitting headaches and can be a quick aid for those who are suffering from a migraine.

5. Diabetic management and nerve repair

Diabetic polyneuropathy is a condition in which both sides of the body feel numb. DPN can have a huge impact on the overall quality of your life. PEMF can help you find solace. This therapy can reduce the DPN symptoms and nerve function issues.

Treatment with PEMF therapy can hasten the recovery from a nerve injury. While the mechanism behind is mostly unknown, nerve damage patients now have more hope!

How to choose the best PEMF device

First of all, before buying a mat, know the purpose for buying one. What is your goal and what do you want to be treated for? Do you plan to target only one area or multiple areas?

Especially for or chronic diseases, the PEMF mat is a good option – find out more.

Proper intensity

There are different intensities generated by the PEMF devices, depending on the health condition being treated. Low-intensity devices are usually used to improve cellular health, injuries, and pain. High-intensity devices are used for problems that occur deep within the body such as abdomen, spleen, chest, and more.

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