Yoga gives peace of mind and has immense healing powers. A comfortable and high-quality mat is almost essential for practicing yoga the right way. It’s simply not about color and style, rather about comfort and safety. Everyone needs a good and soft yoga mat that keeps them comfortable during yoga while offering great support to the body. But do you know, buying the right yoga mat is an art too? Yes, it is. If you consider yourself a novice in this matter, here are some important parameters to take into consideration while choosing a yoga mat.

Seven key points you must consider while buying a yoga mat:

1. Thickness

In yoga, it’s crucial that your body is connected to the ground so that you can feel the natural aura of the Earth surface. Therefore, select a mat that is not thick enough to make you feel disconnected from earth or too thin to hurt your knees. There is a standard. For instance, the standard thickness of a chakra yoga mat must be around 1/8 inch to ¼ inch.

2. Texture

Slipping and sliding is common with regular yoga mats especially when you are engaged in some tricky yoga pose. Thus, you need a good mat that sticks perfectly to the ground. Let’s understand through a chakra yoga mat example again. There could be mats having a rough texture due to the presence of organic materials. So before buying, check the composition of the yoga mat in detail.

3. Proper Air Passage

Mats made from rubber don’t allow any air flow, which makes you sweaty and irritated while performing postures. Therefore, pick materials from natural or organic cotton that will relax your body while absorbing your sweat.

4. Eco-friendliness

There is no point in discussing why you need eco-friendly yoga mats. However, you must know that jute, organic cotton, recycled rubber, and coir are great eco-friendly yoga mats that get recycled pretty easily and do not get clogged in the landfill. If you prefer an eco-friendly yoga mat, then avoid PVC mats.

5. Composition

You will find a variety of chakra yoga mats made from materials like PVC, rubber, natural cotton, organic cotton, coir, and jute. Avoid rubber mat if you are allergic to it. In the market, superior quality chakra mats like “Amethyst Crystal heating pad yoga mat” are also available, that not only provide you with the right sponginess but also promote muscle relaxation.

6. Floor-friendly

A sticky yoga mat keeps your body in proper alignment when you switch your yoga poses. Materials like jute, PVC, and cotton are excellent when it comes to stickiness. Cleanliness also plays an essential role when it comes to stickiness. A clean yoga mat will stick better compared to the dusty ones.

7. Cost

A standard PVC yoga mat will be more affordable. The cost of yoga mats increases based on several factors like patterns, logo/brand, design, smoothness, antimicrobial treatments, materials, etc. You will also find out that there are some remarkable products such as chakra yoga mat, which come with the infrared technology features that work wonders for your body! However, be careful while buying them. Make sure you are buying them from an authentic and reputed seller – find out more.

It’s easy to attain peace of mind and a healthy body practicing yoga when you have the right accessories to practice it the proper way.

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