LifeMats PRO is a small family-owned company dedicated to customer satisfaction and providing the highest quality products at the best possible prices. We have personally experienced great benefits from the LifeMats PRO Chakra Yoga Infrared Healing Mat products and have decided to make them available to our customers at a substantial savings from the competition.

At LifeMats PRO we have spent a great deal of time personally testing and trying the mats out ourselves. We became so impressed by how the functionality stacked up against the big competitors in the marketplace (some competitors are currently asking 2 to 3 times the cost for this same mat’s functionality). We decided we wanted to sell these amazing mats and let others in on the secret of a life-giving experience for an affordable cost. We think everyone should be able to purchase one of these mats, not just the wealthy.

This is why we’ve launched our business online, so that we can help others feel as good as we do with these precious stone mats that function with such high quality. We hope you will experience as many positive results as we have when you get the chance to own one yourself.


The main objective of LifeMats PRO Chakra Yoga Infrared Healing Mat is to help customers get the health technology they need at affordable prices. We believe our customers will enjoy a better quality of life when using our top rated stress-reducing heating pads that emit both FIR infrared heat as well as negative ions. We have embedded a large amount of chakra crystals into the mats which uniquely reduces stress and seems to help lessen certain types of chronic pain.

We strive to find the highest quality components that have been tested and proven by the marketplace, then we construct and offer them in our mats at a significant discount to customers.

We believe stress and chronic pain are like leaky water valves, you may not notice them at first, but over time they can cause more and more damage. This chronic stress can allow environmental & genetic factors to create disease faster in the body. Therefore reducing stress with infrared heating pads that you can really feel the difference on, not only helps to promote health and prolong disease, but it also increases quality of life. And that’s our main goal, to help you increase the quality of life you have here on earth.Life is short and we want to see you live it to the fullest!