Infrared Heating Pads to Treat Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem in our busy, modern world.  There are many medical treatments, but they cost you a lot of money, even when you have insurance. An excellent, relatively inexpensive alternative to this treatment is a good heating pad.

An infrared heating pad is the best type of mat to use.  It radiates heat, FIR (far infrared rays) and generates negative ions.  These methods of healing back pain have been around for quite a while.  LifeMats Pro offers an Amethyst mat that can be used for just this purpose.

The infrared rays that these mats put out are capable of penetrating five to seven inches into your body.  They have several positive effects but cause no harm to your body.  The biggest benefit is that they loosen up your muscles and help your body to relax.  For some people, this heating pad may be enough to relieve their back pain by itself.  If you suffer from muscle spasms, they will also be reduced by relaxing the muscles with this treatment.

Along with relaxing the muscles, joints are freed up to work properly and stiffness can be relieved temporarily.  Also, blood circulation, metabolism, tissue healing and lymphatic drainage can be enhanced, which helps you feel better.  Since muscles and stiffness can be relaxed right away, effects of the heating pad are often immediate.  Other symptoms cannot be healed so quickly, but they can be reduced within a couple of treatments.  Because the product can be used at home or even when you travel, you can use the heating pad every night, if you desire.

While a heating pad is a pain-free, safe treatment process, it is still wise to consult a doctor before you start using them.  Certain medical conditions can act up when exposed to heat pads (and some implants might be contraindicated).

If you want to feel better,  you should consider investing in a LifeMat Pro infrared heating pad.  These mats have been designed by experts in the field in order to deliver the best possible healing.  The Infrared Heating Pads from LifeMats Pro are a great option.Each layer of these mats is specifically designed to help further heating and comfort.  The layers include:


  • High-quality leather
  • Transparent Vinyl
  • Natural Amethyst Crystals
  • Bamboo Carbon Fiber Cotton
  • Waterproofing Fabrics
  • Wire Protecting Fabric
  • Silicone Glass Fiber
  • Heat sensors
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Negative Ion Fabric
  • Charcoal Fabric
  • Compressed Fabric
  • Additional Leather

Each one of these layers plays a different role in the healing process. With a heating pad, you can enjoy the daily benefits of heat treatment.

A Deeper Understanding of Heat Pads for Back Pain

Heat therapy has been proven to be effective in providing comfort and relaxation to the body as well as in facilitating pain relief and healing. It comes in different forms such as heat pads, heat wraps, warm gel packs, and many others. The use of a heat pad for back pain is the most recommended among these forms of heat therapy, especially for chronic pain. Heat pads are versatile, convenient, and effective when it comes to treating any kind of back pain. They can be utilized as a single treatment for pain and can also be used together with different treatment modalities to facilitate faster healing.

How do heat pads work?

Heat pads provide direct heat to the affected area. When using a heat pad for back pain, the blood vessels on your back dilate which helps in increasing the blood flow in the area. This promotes the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the muscles which helps in healing. Applying heat on your back can also stimulate pain receptors on the skin and decrease the transmission of pain signals to the brain which helps in pain relief. Heat therapy also aids in stretching soft tissues which include muscles, adhesions, and connective tissues around the spine. This helps to improve the flexibility of the back which is important to keep it healthy.

Types of Heat Pad for Back Pain

There are several types of heat pads that can be used to treat back pain but not all of them have the same effectiveness and benefits. It is important to choose the best heat pad for you so you can maximize the benefits that you can get.

Microwavable Heat Pads

Most microwavable heat pads are made of flannel fabrics and grains. This is a basic home remedy for back pains and aromatic scent may be added to this heat pad for added therapeutic effect. However, molds tend to form in microwavable heat pads when they get wet and the pad might ignite when heated. So proper care and caution is a must when using one.

Air Activated Heat Pads

Air activated heat pads are heated when the iron powder in the pad reacts with oxygen when the pack is opened. The heat increases after 30 minutes from the time it is applied to the skin. This is a convenient way to treat back pains since it does not require an equipment to heat up but its portability comes with a higher price tag. When opting for this type of heat pad, it is necessary to take note of the manufacturing date since old stocks of this pad are not as effective.

Moist Heat Pads

This type of heat pad is commonly used by physical therapists since it effectively transfers heat to the body. Moist heat pads are ideally used for treating the back or spine but are not as effective in smaller areas like the ankle, wrist, or elbows.

Infrared Heat Pads

By far the most effective type of heat pad, infrared heating pads utilize Far Infrared Rays that can provide deep penetrating heat. Most heat pads only heat the surface of the skin but infrared heat pads reach the muscles and the bones with their gentle warmth that promotes the healing process. Although more expensive than other types of heat pad for back pain, infrared heat pads are great investment for treating chronic pain due to their proven effectiveness.

The benefits of having your own heat pad are innumerable. While the effectiveness of heat pad for back pain is undeniable, they can also be beneficial for the maintenance of good health since it improves the body’s blood circulation. If you are considering having one of your own, choose the one that fits your needs and gives you your money’s worth.

The Best Infrared Heating Pad On The Market

LifeMats Pro infrared heating pad is one of the best heating pads available today. With the use of infrared rays, the LifeMats Pro combines negative ion therapy with the curative properties of pure amethyst. Skeptical? Take a look at its fantastic features:

  • The most significant benefit derived from this product resides in its amethyst layer. Amethyst has the ability to release negative ions and, with far infrared rays, deliver heat to soothe body pain. The LifeMats Pro pad contains more than six pounds of pure, natural amethyst stone. In fact, the quantity and quality of amethyst is the major reason this product is judged to be the best on the market.
  • If you haven’t been able to sleep because of stress or pain, the LifeMats Pro will soothe pain and facilitate a very sound sleep. It helps to relieve minor muscle and joint pain. Even for more serious causes of pain, use of the LifeMats Pro can provide temporary relief.
  • Use of the LifeMats Pro prevents and reduces both stress and fatigue. This pad provides you with deep relaxation of all your muscles and also reduces the occurrence of muscle spasms. Use of the LifeMats Pro increases joint mobility, reducing any form of stiffness.
  • Use of the LifeMats Pro infrared heating pad enhances healing of tissues and increases lymphatic drainage. Use of the mat improves circulation which in turn carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen depleted muscles. Regular use of the LifeMats Pro strengthens the immune system thereby assisting in detoxification and in preventing the onset of many medical conditions.
  • The LifeMats Pro is able to provide all these benefits because of the superior connectivity of infrared rays that are able to deliver heat deep into muscle and tissue. These rays go up to 7 inches deep into the body and have an impact on organs, muscles, and even bones.
  • You can adjust the heat range to suit your preference. Also, whatever temperature you set, LifeMats Pro provides uniform heat throughout the mat and at the same time does not give out any EMF radiation.

Considering all the health benefits this best-on-market infrared heating pad offers, you would assume that it costs quite a fortune. However, it comes at a very reasonable price and with a 1-year warranty. Why not try the LifeMats Pro and see what a difference it makes to you and your health.