Why I’ll never live without my LifeMat PRO? I’ll tell you! My sister, the health nut (thank God), gave me one for Christmas – she was rejoicing all about how amazing she felt after using it. This was really exciting because she suffers from Lyme and often struggles to feel well. I myself have struggled with fatigue, mild Tourettes, a tad bit of depression here and there, and a general lack of zest in life, so I was excited to try this mat she was raving about. My sister instructed me to take my new LifeMat into a quiet place in my house and lay on it for 30 minutes uninterrupted, but with 3 children, 4 pets, and a husband, I of course didn’t listen to her instruction at all, and tried it in a room full of chaos. I did this twice and thought to myself, is there really something to this or is it just a really expensive heating pad? On and off I would use the mat when I was stressed or having pain and started to notice subtle changes in how I felt (I’m not usually very good at recognizing how I feel physically). I even noticed a cold almost disappear overnight when I slept on it for the first time. So, since I enjoy being warm, I began sleeping on my mat every night on the low setting. Within a short time my universe was radically changed! Suddenly I was now more calm, patient, and my outlook on life more happy and positive. My teenager pointed out that I “wasn’t so bratty” (HA!). I now have energy and motivation to be active all day, I even started having my own early morning dance parties, which has been amazing for me. My body, instead of being tense all the time from my Tourettes, now feels more relaxed. I also notice that my weight-loss attempts are becoming more successful than they have been in the past. Quickly I began singing praises to my sister and I now plan to buy a LifeMat for all 5 members of my family. I will never live without one again, and I am recommending them to everyone I love. I’d pay so much more for the gifts my LifeMat has given me! I guess I better send my sister a BIG thank you card!

— C.B. Maple Valley, WA