Have you ever experienced an injury to your muscles? If yes, one thing you probably did to lessen muscle spasm and relieve the pain was to use heat therapy.

Although you might turn to the standard heating pad that you got from the local drug store, you should know that those pads only heat up the surface of your skin without really going deep into the muscles where the injury is.

A much better and more effective option is an infrared heating pad.

Different types to choose from

There are a lot of special pads which have jade discs inside them, embedded in a mesh which heats up once you plug in the pad and set it to your desired temperature. These jade discs then soak the heat up and release it as far as the infrared heat can penetrate into your tissues.

There are also heating pads which contain amethyst and tourmaline crystals. The amethyst and tourmaline crystals are responsible for giving off negative ions that also offer their own set of benefits.

Though there are many variants available in the market, the best selling heating pads we recommend are available in two sizes: a smaller version that can perfectly fit in the small of a person’s back, across the neck or on the shoulder, and the larger variety that allows you to lie on the pad and have it cover most parts of your body for an overall infrared heating effect together with the goodness of negative ions. You can decide which type of heating pad is best for your needs.

How the pad works

Like other heating pads, the infrared heating pads come with an attachment which you can plug into a safe power supply socket. Always follow the steps in user manual to ensure the setup is correctly done. But how do you get the most from the infrared heating pad?

The pads are equipped with controllers, and are set up in such a way that you only need to dial in your desired temperature and then place it on the part of your body needing pain relief.

It takes several minutes for the pad’s deep heat to get to the muscles. Most of the time, around 30 minutes of infrared ray heat is needed to ease muscle tension and pain.

Do these pads really help?

There are many infrared heating pad benefits you can personally experience. These special types of heating pads have been made to make use of FIR or far-infrared rays which penetrate deep into the body. The body’s surface temperature slightly heats up which, in turn, activates major bodily functions. With regular use, you can achieve relaxation, pain relief and deeper more restful sleep.

And to ensure the best results, choose a LifeMats PRO heating pad since they are packed with all the features you would expect from a high quality infrared heating pad.

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  2. These types of heating pads are pretty neat. I have used one at the gym that I go to weekly to sort of wind down after my workout. I always wondered if these were the best option, but I do like that the entire pad covers 99 percent of my back.

  3. How hot do these infrared heating pads get usually? I like that I can dial it up or down, but I am wondering how I would find the happy medium after each workout.

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