For many people who are living with chronic joint pain and stress, it can be a real challenge to find adequate relief from symptoms. If you would like to avoid or reduce the use of pharmaceutical products when looking for a solution, then an amethyst crystal heating pad is a good alternative.

An amethyst heating mat is an FDA-approved method for dealing with stress and chronic pain that helps your body heal and recover by using only natural elements. The reason why products such as the amethyst mat have become so popular is quite simple – they offer an easy way to relieve the body from minor ailments and stresses.

The benefits of an amethyst mat

  • Provides temporary relief from minor aches and pains in muscles and joints. It helps to reduce stiffness in joints and to give your body a more agile, nimble feeling.
  • Provides relief from joint pain related to arthritis which can make living with arthritis much easier.
  • Reduces and dampens the intensity of muscle spasms, giving your body a faster rate of recovery by reducing symptoms.
  • Reduces pain from sprains and strains as well as minor muscular damage.
  • Helps muscles to relax and reduce tension in the body.
  • Provides an increase in circulation to the parts of the body where the mat is applied.

Why does this work?

An amethyst mat works because it contains crystals that have a positive impact on the body by enabling heat to penetrate more deeply. Amethyst is a part of the famous ‘quartz’ family, and as such, it has been recognized for helping the body improve itself in a natural way. Amethyst is credited with:

  • Improving our metabolism and quality of living
  • Reducing headaches
  • Soothing the nervous system
  • Strengthening the immune system

It is not unusual to see amethyst crystal treatments as an integral part of any wellness plan today because amethyst has the ability to transmit far infrared rays—otherwise known as heat. Far infrared rays have been found to improve the body’s vitality by helping to effectively restore the body from within.

Amethyst elongates and then further amplifies the wavelength of far infrared rays, resulting in heat that is able to reach deep into muscles and joints. Heat improves circulation which in turn removes toxins and delivers nutrients supporting your body’s healing processes.  Amethyst can act as a great natural remedy to escape from pain and stress.

Using an amethyst mat is no longer considered a pseudoscience or an alternative healing therapy. It’s a common part of treatment plans used by athletes right through to post-surgical recovery programs. You can be sure that using the amethyst mat will help you find relief from pain, injury and muscle tension.

4 thoughts on “How Useful is an Amethyst Mat?

  1. I gave this to my mother to help with the arthritis in her hands. She loves it’s and uses it all the times. She’s tried so many different techniques and she swears that this is the one that works the best!

  2. The amethyst layer will also benefit circulation! That is one of the keys to the healing powers of it. I am going to order one of these pads next week when I get paid… I may actually get two. My father is in need of some pain relief big time in his bag and knees. I know this will help him a lot. I just want the healing benefits all around.

  3. When it comes to healing, there is a lot of power in rocks and other gems like the Amethyst. It doesn’t surprise me that a person’s body can benefit from this type of product.

  4. If there is anything on the market that can help me with my metabolism, I am going to give it a try. I think, naturally, mine is slow and I have been back and forth about finding ways to speed it up. I just have not had that much luck.

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