The Owner’s LifeMats PRO experience: My name is Jamie Hope and I am the proud owner of LifeMats PRO (as well as Methyl-Life, a small family-based supplement company).  I first became passionate about health and quality of life after watching my mother die an agonizing death from Ovarian Cancer about 7 years ago.  I eventually quit my long-time, high-tech job and started a business focused around health supplements tailored to those dealing with genetic defects and health concerns that the traditional medical system has not yet found good answers for (basically, people like me).  I’m not a good sales person, but when I find something great, I try to put it out there for others who may need it by making it more affordable AND better quality than can currently be found anywhere else in the marketplace.  That’s exactly how LifeMats PRO was born.  I was looking for a Biomat that I could actually afford, something with the same high-quality and functionality, yet obtainable at a cost that allowed people to own them without taking out a loan.

So I started working with a reputable, long-time manufacturer to create an Amethyst Mat that has the same quality as the outrageously expensive Richway Biomats.  I have been personally long-term testing two of the LifeMats PRO Amethyst Mats (a Small size for sitting against and a Jumbo size to sleep on).  Before selling the mats, I wanted to ensure they would perform comparably and that I could use them as a viable relaxation and pain relieving remedy.  I was skeptical, but I was determined to produce a mat that was top-quality and could be more affordable for consumers.  I spent at least 8 months myself with the mats ensuring they would meet my high standards before deciding to bring them into my business for sale to others.  I was immediately impressed by the high quality of my test mats (and how closely they look and function like the high-cost versions).  Once I began using them, I haven’t been able to stop.  One went on my bed at low temperatures for sleeping and one went on the couch where I could use higher therapeutic heat when I was sitting.  I use them any chance I can get (and eventually I even got another one for the car).  These mats make me feel more relaxed and my back pain is considerably reduced when I use them.  Sleep is so cozy and comfortable for me now, the mats just seem to ooze such a fabulous soothing feeling.  I was shocked to find that I even experienced some parasite die off while using the mats alone (without any medications), this was a pleasant surprise as I typically have to use medications that have yucky side effects in order to kill the parasites.  Now I don’t even travel without taking at least one mat with me, as I just can’t live without them anymore.  I might be addicted to them now.  😉

Another thing, I didn’t understand the negative ion generation concept and was skeptical that the mats were actually generating the negative ions.  Looking for some concrete evidence, I decided to buy a negative ion reader.  Once my reader arrived, I discovered that in my environment, I could measure positive ions at about 800.  As soon as I put the reader next to my mats, the reader went right to zero and then started moving down into the negative numbers.  I was quite excited to find that the mat was indeed working as advertised.  I have become such a fan of these mats that I decided to bring them into my business for sale (and I never do this with any product that doesn’t do wonders for me personally).  Typically I just sell supplements targeting people with genetic defects and those who have health challenges like me, but these mats changed my quality of life so much that I believe they’re a great investment for folks who want to feel better.  Since I have found a way to provide these mats to people for half the price of the costly competition, I am thrilled to help customers feel better at a price they can afford.  This is how I like to do business.  I hope you will love our LifeMats PRO Amethyst Mats as much as I do.

— Jamie Hope, LifeMats PRO Owner & CEO