Negative ions are necessary for human health. In nature, negative ions can be found in water and are generated with the help of sunlight. Pollution, stress, and modernization in general reduce the number of negative ions in the environment. Therefore, these things contribute to one’s health deterioration.

Negative ions are present in clean air, organic food, and alkaline water. They can fight free radicals and improve the body’s natural functions such as immune system, digestion, and more.

If the body cells are getting very few negative ions, the nutrients cannot be sufficiently absorbed and all the waste cannot be excreted as well. Luckily, there are some other sources of negative ions — such as those that a negative ion mat can produce.

Why do we need negative ions?

Free radicals or positive ions need to find the electrons in order to be stable. When a positive ion takes an electron away from a molecule, it causes a domino effect wherein the neighboring molecule becomes damaged. As a result, the cells can no longer function, which signals a loss, and the beginning of a disease.

This damage shortens the lifespan of a person and their quality of life.

Negative ions can help the body in neutralizing the free radicals before they cause more damage. You can slow down or reverse even aging and prevent illnesses from affecting you by only having enough negative ions!

Where can we find negative ions?

  • Areas that have not been developed produce negative ions in large amounts. Forests and areas that have a lot of trees and other plants are big producers of negative ions. This is why having an indoor plant can improve air quality inside a house. The negative ions produced by the plants can clean the air from dusts and molds that can cause allergies.
  • Bodies of water such as waterfalls and hot springs, and the air that surrounds them, have plenty of negative ions as well.
  • Organic foods are also good sources of negative ions.

The problem is that due to the industrialization, we have lesser trees around us and we usually don’t have an instant access to waterfalls and hot springs.

A solution to this is to use additional commodities of the modern life such as Far Infrared Heating Pads or negative ion mats. They produce negative ions that can provide relief especially to those with back and neck pains. Heating pads can be the best remedy for muscle stiffness, as most of them have negative ion effects. Remember that negative ions can have positive effects on your while positive ions have negative effects on the body.

Far Infrared Therapy Mats that emit negative ions are no ordinary mats. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that can bring you relaxation and pain relief. Aside from emitting negative ions, heating pads can also improve mobility and blood circulation, reduce muscle spasms, improve metabolism, tissue healing, and many more.

LifeMats PRO carries negative ion mats that can supply your body with as many negative ions in just a few minutes. LifeMats PRO can help regenerate your body cells. Now you can do this without having to go out and hike to the nearest waterfall.

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