Today, more and more people are becoming proactive in maintaining and improving their health. They are also looking for more natural ways to treat various health conditions. The Amethyst Mat is designed as a combination of Amethyst crystals, Negative ions, and Far Infra-Red rays that strengthen your immune system and improve your overall health.

Amethyst mats come in a variety of sizes, but all have the right features that can help you feel more relaxed and more energized, while dealing with various health issues, and the stresses of everyday life.

The mats are made with 15 high-quality layers, providing three key technologies which deliver the Infrared Amethyst BodyMats’ healthy benefits:


Amethysts are powerful crystals that have been known for their healing qualities for thousands of years. These crystals are known to increase stamina and endurance. They are useful for emotional balancing and enhancing intuitions. Amethyst supports the body to release addiction and converts low vibrations to high resonance.

Far Infra-Red Rays

Just as the far infra-red saunas are good for detoxing, so are the far infra-red rays in the Amethyst mat. These rays can penetrate deeply into the body, about 5 to 7 inches, and help to revive cells, blood vessels, and lymph glands.

Negative Ions

Negative ions are found in nature in high concentrations, especially near waterfalls.  They have many soothing benefits, including the ability to calm the body, help it release stress, and move towards rest & relaxation much easier.

Benefits of the Amethyst Mat

There are several benefits of using an Infrared Amethyst BodyMat:

  • Reducing stress – Stress is something that everyone experiences in one way or another in today’s world. Stress can result in insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety attacks, compromised health and much more. The Amethyst mat can help you reduce your stress level, and it can leave you feeling calm and energized.
  • Improving blood circulation – Circulation problems can cause edema, as well as joint and muscle pain, among other complications. This mat can improve your circulation, which contributes to better detoxification as well as the easing of joint and muscle pain. Improved circulation is known to contribute to our overall health status.
  • Supports Immune System – It is believed that the far infrared rays from this mat generate soothing heat that can be felt deep within the body. This unique heat may strengthen white blood cells.   By internally cleansing the body, it is also believed to support the overall immune system. A strengthened immune system will help you better fight off some of today’s toxic environmental challenges.
  • Improves Detox Functions – the Amethyst mat will help to improve the ability of your body to detox itself. Deep heat can cause sweating which functions as a toxin-flushing mechanism that contributes to your overall health.

The Amethyst mat may be considered expensive by some.  But so many have found its relief well worth the price, particularly those who are looking for a more natural way to maintain their emotional and physical health. This mat is one of the most relaxing and comfortable ways to stay healthy and emotionally balanced.

3 thoughts on “Try an Amethyst Mat for Better Health

  1. These mats are amazing! I have one and am showing around to get one for my daughter. She can’t believe how ive perked up and have so much more energy since I’ve been sleeping better. I will never go without again!!

  2. It’s all about getting those negative ions out of the body 🙂 Thanks for the great write up. I have to do a little more research, but I think I’ll be buying one.

  3. Infrared rays are that good for your body? Well, I am a little surprised, but will certainly take a look at these heating pads to help with my shoulder pain.

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